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Benefits of Drone Wedding Photography and Videography

You can show off your wedding venue.

You chose a gorgeous venue to celebrate your wedding, so why not showcase it? According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, drone operators can fly the device up to 400 feet, so you don't have to feel limited to ground-level shots. Talk with your wedding drone operator about creative ways you can take advantage of the unique and dynamic aerial shots a drone can capture.

Drone photography will complement your ground photography.

Certain shots are best taken by a drone camera and some by a traditional camera, so have the best of both worlds in your wedding album. Your drone photographer or videographer can take wide sweeping shots while your ground photographer captures close-ups and intimate moments. Make sure your ground photographer collaborates with the drone pilot, then sit down with them and go over their plans. Everyone should be on the same page.

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Baptism

Capture your baptism in a special way

What a special moment indeed!

What an awesome and unique way to capture this once in a lifetime event! Whatever your journey has been to get to this point, you now get to outwardly express your inward acceptance Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. This is part of your special testamony. Wouldn't it be great to capture it in a special way? As a brother in Christ myself, it would be my honor to share this moments with you. It's my desire to give you something memorable to share with your friends, family, brothers & sisters in Christ and those you would like to minister to. What a moment indeed!
Even though the image below shows hundreds of people getting baptized, you can rest assured that your baptism will be more intimate by focussing on you... up close.


Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Takes a Special Talent.

Capture it with drone images/video. How else can you get an image like this.....

Rock climbing is a great way to get away from it all and go above and beyond what you thought you could ever do. The problem is that if you are rock climbing, you will want to take a picture of it. Where will you get a camera when you are this high up? Well, this is where many people turn to a pro to capture those accomplishments.
Drones make great photographers while you are dangling off the side of a mountain. Next time you go Rock Climbing, consider bringing a professional drone photographer along.

Rock Climbing

Water Sports

Capture your water sports in a "sporty" way.

I dare you to try and outrun my drone.

We all love water sports. Some more than others of course. For those that are fanatics and experts in their sport or someone water skiing for the first time, get a drone to tag along for that moment you want to capture.

Water Sports

Mountain Biking

Get a unique perspective with a drone

Yeah, we can keep up.

GoPro's are great, but they have their limitations. Do you want that shot that you just can't get with any other equipment? A drone is your answer. Give us a call the next time you're going all-out on the mountain.

Mountain Biking

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