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Real Estate Photography

Real Estate photography is our specialty. There seems to be limitless shots that can be taken of your home or business to accentuate your listing and excellerate the sale. Here are a few other reasons to use drone photography:
Using Drones to Show Dimensions on the Property - Using Drones to Highlight Inaccessible Features - To Put the Property in Context with other properties - Aerial Video Tours - 360° Panorama.

Infrastructure/Commercial Inspection

This turbine inspection took place in the state of Washington. This was across the Columbia Gorge near Multnomah Falls. The turbine is located on the Harvest Wind Farm in Washington.

Property Lines

This is an example of how we can incorporate property (or plat) lines into an image to give the perspective property buyer a good idea of where the boundaries are.

Aerial Video Tours

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I got up at 4:30 in the morning with my grandkids in tow to get this shot. We arrived at the Oregon coast just in time to get a shot of the Heceta Head Lighthouse with the light still illuminated. As you can see, it was a perfect morning for this as there was some light fog in the area. We had such a great day!
If you have an interest in putting yourself in a landmark image or just a special place of yours, contact me for more information.

Roof Inspection

Drone technology is breaking barriers in roof inspection practices. By offering game-changing advantages, drones are setting new standards for roof inspections. Some of the benefits are:
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Reduced Cost
  • Accessibility
  • Improved Accuracy
  • River Baptisms

    Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision to accept and follow Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. This is a perfect time to capture it for all the world to see.

    Outdoor Weddings

    If you have an outdoor venue planed for your wedding, aerial photos will bring your wedding to a whole new level. Plus, recording a video from a unique vantage point of the bride and groom professing their wedding vows...... Priceless.

    Who Am I?


    I have been captivated by photography from a very young age.  And coincidentally, I just loved anything RC (remote control) growing up.  I sure wrecked my fair share of RC planes and cars along the way.   The RC boats were a little more forgiving, so I did okay there.

    With my love of photography and RC planes, it seemed inevitable that I would one day become an aerial drone photographer.  I have found it a fascinating field and continue to learn new techniques in this evolutionary field.

    I'm in my 60's now and would like to say that my extensive experience in both fields have made me into a better photographer and drone pilot than I otherwise would have been if not for combining the two.

    Hopefully you will see this as an asset when looking for someone who is a professional in the field of drone photography.  I have all the necessary equipment to handle any aerial photography job requested... provided it is outdoors.

    I served in the Marine Corps and have volunteered as a Firefighter/EMT.  I am currently a volunteer for the Douglas County Sheriff's Search and Rescue as a Drone Pilot.

    I am an honest and professional man with Strong Christian Beliefs.   So if you're looking for someone you can trust to provide you quality work, I'm your drone pilot.

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    Our mission is to provide you with a quality product at a fair price. If we can help you with any of your aerial drone photography needs, please contact us anytime.

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    FAA Certified Drone Pilot

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    Search and Rescue
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